Microsoft has added the Zecmo Zinc Z1 tablet to its download list for Windows 10 Mobile, as Microsoft plans to launch its latest operating system later this year.

The Zecmos Z1 is a premium Windows 10 tablet with a premium-feeling design, powered by Intel’s latest quad-core Intel Atom Z2760 CPU.

It runs Windows 10 Enterprise on Windows 10 with the ZacM Pro suite, and has a 7-inch display with 1080p resolution.

It also comes with a 1.6GHz quad-channel DDR3 RAM, a 1GB RAM battery, a 10-day battery life, a microSD card slot, and an optional microUSB port.

Windows 10 Mobile’s new version of Windows 10 comes with new features, including a “more secure” Start screen, a “better-designed” Start menu, and a redesigned Start screen and Start app.

It’s available for $79.99, a $50 discount from its regular price of $119.99.

Windows Phone 7.5 has also been removed from the download list, as the Microsoft Store no longer offers the upgrade option.

Microsoft says it’s working to get the Zocmos Z2, Zecme Z2 and ZecMo Z2 on Windows devices as soon as possible.

The company says the Zucmo Z2 is “an upgrade of Windows 8, and the Zechmo Z1 a new addition to Windows 10.”