It’s not that you need to buy a tablet to get your hands on the vitamin C you need, but a vitamin C tablet could save you a lot of money if you have to pay for it.

And that’s exactly what UK Prime Minister Theresa May wants to introduce.

According to The Telegraph, the UK government will introduce a new tax credit for a tablet that is 100 times the price of a standard vitamin C one. 

The UK is one of the countries that has been leading the fight to introduce a tax credit that would benefit users who do not have access to a local supermarket or pharmacy to get their hands on a standard one.

In the UK, the tax credit has already been implemented on a national scale, and it will go into effect from the end of March. 

A spokesperson for May’s office said that the new tax support would help fund the launch of a new online pharmacy in the UK and a new national online pharmacy network in 2020. 

“With a strong, robust and competitive economy, we need a strong and stable supply of affordable, reliable, affordable-to-use, quality vitamins,” said the spokesperson.

“This is why we are committed to helping people get their vitamin C, whether they need it or not, and helping them to stay healthy.” 

“The government is investing billions of pounds in new research and investment to tackle the biggest health problems in the country and we are creating a new generation of new doctors and nurses.” 

The spokesperson added that the government is committed to ensuring that people can access vitamins as soon as they can afford them. 

It’s worth noting that the UK already has a national online vitamin C network, so there is already some sort of tax credit system in place. 

According to the Telegraph, May is calling on the UK’s health service providers to implement a similar tax credit to ensure that people in the public sector are able to get a reliable supply of vitamin C. There is also some evidence that a national vitamin C bank is already in place, but the government has yet to announce any plans for it yet.