Samsung tablets, the company that started the tablet revolution, are still one of the best in the business, and the company’s biggest competitor has been selling them since 2009.

But the company has recently come under fire for selling them to people with chronic pain, and there are a lot of health risks associated with the tablets.

Now, the New York Times is reporting that Samsung is considering a recall of some of its most popular tablets in order to test how well they protect against serious illness.

The NYT’s sources suggest that Samsung may be considering selling its tablet line, including the Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1, to people who have chronic pain and a history of heart problems.

In addition, some users have reported having severe allergic reactions to some of the tablets, and some of those have even developed blood clots in the lungs.

Samsung has not yet announced any plans to recall the tablets to address these concerns.

As the Times points out, Samsung does not disclose how many people it plans to test in order, and it would be a big mistake to assume that consumers with chronic conditions will be affected by the recall.

The company does have plans to release a more comprehensive statement on the matter later this week.

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