Samsung tablet maker Samsung will begin selling a new “surface pro” tablet later this month, according to a tweet from its senior vice president for global marketing.

The device, which is expected to cost $1,999, will be a more expensive version of its current “tablet” lineup, but will offer “the same incredible value and performance” as the tablet that the company previously unveiled in April.

The Surface Pro 3 is expected for launch in September, and it’ll reportedly be one of the more expensive models.

In the past, Samsung has released a “premium” Surface Pro 2, which costs around $1.2 million.

It features an Intel Atom Z3560 processor and 1GB of RAM, and comes with the same “flagship” Intel Core i7 processor and Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 graphics as the Surface Pro 4.

But the Surface 3 is currently only available in a single configuration, the $1,-999 Surface Pro tablet.

In other words, the device has a price tag that’s lower than the Surface Pros current pricing.

The tweet says the Surface pro “will be available in September” at its “premier” price.

Samsung has been working on a new Surface tablet since early last year, and earlier this year announced a slate of Surface devices including the Surface Book, the Surface Studio, and the Surface Laptop.

It plans to make a “major update” to the Surface lineup in 2017.

A new Surface Pro was also rumored to be coming this month.

In addition to the new Surface, Samsung will also be launching a number of new tablet-like devices, including a $399 Android tablet called the Galaxy Tab 3.

This device, as well as the Galaxy Note 2, will reportedly be a new version of Samsung’s popular Note line of tablets.

The Note 2 is a $249 device with a curved display and a 6-inch, 720p screen, and has been a popular choice among tech writers.

Samsung will release the Galaxy Tablets, a tablet-size device that will reportedly cost around $299.

The company also said that it’s launching a new tablet that is “more of a hybrid,” with the Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, and S6.

Samsung is also expected to launch a “tabletop hybrid” version of the Galaxy X1, which has a 12.3-inch curved display.

That device will reportedly sell for around $200, while the Galaxy Series 2 will be priced at $350.

The Galaxy Tab 5 is also rumored for a September launch, and Samsung has also previously said that the new tablet will be “the first tablet in history that will offer a premium design.”

Samsung has made some of its tablet products available in other countries, including the US, but it’s unclear whether it will be making its devices available in the rest of the world.

The firm did recently release a new model of its popular Galaxy Tab series, the Galaxy Tabs.