“When we found out that our company was closing, we knew that we needed to do something to make it better.

But there was nothing in our pockets, so we made a commitment to make sure that we had all the resources in place to make the transition as smooth as possible.”

– Jameel Shafran, founder and chief executive of a startup called ‘Sensory-A-Tribe’ source BBC Business article “We were looking at how we can change the way we do business.

It’s the most exciting time for startups.

We want to help the world do business.”

– Mark Coker, CEO of the startup ‘SENSory-a-Tribes’ source ABC News article “People often say, ‘I’m not interested in a career because I want to live life in a certain way.’

It’s very hard to say, I’m just trying to make this work for me.”

– Akshay Gupta, CEO and co-founder of ‘Sensual’ source Reuters