Android tablets are among the most impressive devices available today.

But if you want one for yourself, you’re going to have to be willing to fork out for a high-end device.

Read moreGoogle Play, the online store for Android, is selling devices with prices that can go as high as $1,000.

It’s the first time Android tablets have been sold on Amazon, which is an Amazon subsidiary, but it’s a welcome move for the Google-owned company, which has been struggling to find a niche in the tablet market.

In fact, Google Play has so far only sold the Amazon Kindle Fire and Amazon Kindle Paperwhite tablets, both of which are top-of-the-line Android tablets.

Google has also been struggling with tablets on other platforms, as well as the Amazon Fire TV and the Apple iPad Pro.

“We’ve been really busy developing for Android tablets, and the new Amazon Kindle Fires have been a great start,” said Google Play chief marketing officer Rob Enderle.

“We’ve seen that Amazon Kindle is really popular in India and is also really popular globally.

It was an interesting time for Android tablet sales, and it will be a big boost to Android tablets worldwide.””

This is an incredibly exciting time for Google,” said John Gruber, head of Android product management at Google.

“For a number of reasons, including the fact that we’ve built a lot of great devices for people, we’re now in the best position we’ve ever been to be the leader of this new mobile platform.

We’ll continue to make Android tablets great.”

There’s a lot more to Android tablet than just the hardware, though.

The tablet has to be a viable platform to compete on, because Android tablets run a huge number of apps and have a vast library of content.

It also has to have a good experience, which means that it has to compete with Google’s own apps for users.

To that end, Google’s first-party apps have been very successful, and its latest tablet offering, the Google Pixel, is one of the most popular devices on the market.

While Google’s competitors are using Google Play to sell their own products, the Pixel is a pure Android tablet.

“Android tablets are a fantastic way for developers to sell apps for Android,” said Eric Grosse, vice president of Android at Google Play.

“But there are still a lot things developers need to do to deliver great apps to Android users.

We want to make sure they have the best experience on Android tablets.”

Google Play is offering Android tablets in the $1,-200 range, but you can also find Android tablets with higher prices like the Amazon Echo, which starts at $5,200.

Google is also offering Android tablet devices in the range of $1-$1,500, with the $300 Pixel being the best value option.

The Google Play price is certainly reasonable, but Google has yet to officially release pricing details.

For now, Google is selling the Google Play Store as a standalone app, but a Google representative told Ars that the company is also working with retailers to offer them Google Play-compatible products.

The Amazon Kindle has also become a huge success, selling millions of devices in just three months.

In the US alone, Amazon Kindle sales have jumped to almost 10 million units.

And Amazon has been making big bets on its own Android tablet, as it plans to launch its own tablet tablet called the Kindle Fire HD in the first quarter of 2018.