A $1,400 Samsung tablet was on sale for $10.99 online last week, with the seller saying the seller did not know the tablet was sold to the public.

The Samsung tablet is now the latest product to have been found on sale at Walmart.

In January, Amazon sold two Amazon Echo smart speakers, which were also found on shelves.

In March, Apple sold a MacBook Pro that had been previously advertised for $1.4 million online.

And in April, a Samsung tablet that had a different manufacturer’s logo on it sold for $3,000 on Amazon for $2,500.

The retailer said the sale was legal.

Walmart has a policy against reselling devices that are sold without a valid warranty.

In the case of the Samsung tablet, the seller said it was sold “as-is” by a company that does business in China.

The seller, who was identified only as Mr. X, told The Washington Post the seller had not had any issues with the device.