Today, you can use your Android devices to stream your kids shows on your Android TV box.

The Samsung Kids app is an easy way to stream kids shows from the Samsung app on Android TV boxes.

The Kids app lets you choose which TV channels to watch on your Samsung device.

You can also share your favorite shows from Samsung with your kids.

Here are some tips to make it easy for your kids to watch TV on your TV: Start with a TV.

Use a TV that can play your kids show.

Choose a set that has at least 4 channels, or at least 2 channels with subtitles.

The kids shows are played in a separate window from the other content.

You will need a Samsung TV app for the Kids app to work.

The Movies tab lets you watch movies from your Samsung devices collection of movies.

You must also add movies to your TV collection.

Once you have added movies, the kids shows will automatically start playing on the TV.

You’ll need to switch to the TV when the TV is switched to the Kids tab.

Switch to a new TV.

Select the TV in the Movies tab.

Tap the TV’s remote control.

You may need to scroll to the bottom of the screen to see the TV screen.

Select ‘Start Watching Now.’

Tap the green button.

A pop-up window will appear.

Tap ‘Start Playing.’

Tap ‘OK.’

When your kids get to the kids tab, you’ll be presented with a new tab.

Select your favorite kids show from the list.

Select it.

When your kid selects a show, the Kids screen will show the screen that shows the title of the show and the description of the episode.

Choose the one you want to watch.

When the Kids Tab is closed, your kids can watch any of the shows from their collection.

You’re done.

The Parents tab lets your kids play with their friends in the Samsung Kids section of the app.

To watch your children, your kid must be an adult who is also a member of your household.

Your kids can play with other kids in the Kids section.

To set up a parental control, open the Apps tab.

Under Settings, tap Settings.

Under Family, tap Kids.

Select Settings from the drop-down menu.

In the Parents tab, select Parental Controls.

In Settings, select Show Parental Control.

In Children, tap Show Children.

Tap Settings from here.

Choose Children and select Kids.

Tap Add.

In Kids, select the Kids channel.

Tap Channel.

Choose your favorite kid show.

Tap Play.

Select a friend in your household to join the Kids group.

You have a few options when it comes to joining the group.

Tap to join a group.

Select which kids channel to join.

Tap Show Friends.

Choose who is in the group by name.

Choose which kids group you want the group to join, and then join.

Select Who Can Join the Group.

Enter a phone number, e-mail address, or phone number for each kid you want in the list, then click Join.

Your child will then see the Friends tab.

If you don’t have a friend listed, the group will be automatically added to your family members.

If a child wants to join more than one group, they can add them individually by selecting Add.