Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet has been out for some time now, but the company is yet to make a new tablet available for kids.

The tablet is now the most-wanted by kids in the US, and it’s now getting a brand new edition for the holidays.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab XE8, a 5-inch tablet with a resolution of 5120×2560, is available on for $399.99.

It’s not the best value for money for kids, however, as it is not as powerful as other tablets that offer more powerful hardware.

The price tag for the tablet is also steep, and is currently $399, but it has a two-year warranty, so there’s some upside.

There’s no word on when this new Galaxy Tab will make its way to stores, but if you’re a parent looking to upgrade your tablet to one with a much higher resolution, this might be a good option.