The Surface Pro is a great tablet that was released last year.

It was a great Windows 10 tablet and now we finally have a Windows tablet with a better keyboard and more powerful processor, a bigger screen and even a keyboard that can also be used as a stylus.

The Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 are great tablets, too.

But if you want to use a Surface Pro with the Surface Pen, a styloid, a camera or an external keyboard, then you need to get a Surface RT.

The Surface RT, or Surface Pro 8, is a smaller, thinner and cheaper tablet than the Surface RT and is available for $649.

But while it’s a tablet, it also has a keyboard, a pen and a webcam.

This is great for tablets because it allows you to do a lot of things on a tablet without having to switch between multiple screens.

That means you can focus on your work without switching between multiple desktops.

Plus, it’s great for those who have small children who might need to do tasks in the living room.

The main problem with the RT is that the keyboard has a weird clicky sound that I can’t get used to.

The tablet itself has a great keyboard, but the keyboard doesn’t feel as good on a laptop.

This might be because the RT has a larger display and the keyboard is smaller.

That’s not the case on the Surface Book, where the keyboard feels fantastic.

The pen is comfortable and responsive, and it’s also smaller.

It has a stylum, too, which is great, because it makes the tablet feel more portable.

But the RT also has some major drawbacks.

It doesn’t have the PenTile display that the Surface Pros have.

Instead, it has a glossy back and a matte surface.

This means that the pen doesn’t look great and is easier to accidentally scratch your tablet.

The display also has to be adjusted and changed depending on which way you tilt the tablet.

And even if you have a Surface Book with the Pen Surface, the Pen Tile is a bit awkward and difficult to use.

And while I’ve had some success with using the Pen to help me compose a word, I find that the Pen is too small for a word to be legible.

There’s also a keyboard issue with the tablet, which means that it’s not as accurate as the Surface’s keyboard.

That can be annoying when you’re trying to type words into the Surface and need to make sure you get the correct font.

The keyboard is fine for typing words, but it can also get a little rough when typing in text with some characters.

There are also some keyboard issues with the pen.

For example, it doesn’t work very well for copying text.

It can also make it difficult to make notes, which are great for making notes.

I’m not sure what’s causing these issues.

The only thing the RT tablet has going for it is the Surface logo, which has been replaced with a Microsoft logo.

And the tablet has an upgraded version of the PenPen.

The PenPen has a more accurate touchpad and pen and can also take notes.

But I found the Pen and PenPen to be less accurate than the original PenTile keyboard.

And when I tried to copy a text message using the Surface, I ended up with an error message because the text that was sent to my Surface Pro was wrong.

(It’s possible that Microsoft’s Surface Pen and Surface PenTile are incompatible.)

The RT tablet is a good replacement for a Surface.

It’s smaller, has a better display, a nicer keyboard and an upgraded PenTile.

But it’s just not worth the money.

I would rather pay $500 for the Surface 3 or $650 for the tablet version.