The Curse of Sucralfating: A Novel by Kristina Anderson is coming to the iPad, Kindle and Nook on October 14.

It’s the latest in the series, which includes “Sucrae” by Emily St. John Mandel, “Sugralfated” by Sarah Doman, “Cursed” by Kaitlyn Lees and “Saucy” by Lauren Cohan.

It was published by Bloomsbury in November, and will be available for $6.99 on October 13.

Anderson’s novel is about a woman who’s taken over the role of a sorceress.

The title is a reference to the movie “Curse of the Black Rose,” which was released in 2017.

It stars Emma Watson as a woman named Mary who, after being cast as the heroine of a film, must work for the government to take her place.

When she finally does, the government’s sorceress, Verena, takes the woman back to the old magic system.

It seems to be the only way to get Mary back.

She’s the kind of woman who wants the same thing for herself, and it’s her destiny to take up the mantle of a sorcerer.

She goes to a witch doctor who helps her with her spell-casting, but then they discover something about her: her spell has been cursed, which means it’s cursed to the point that it will never work.

They have to figure out what to do with her, which leads to a whole new cast of characters: Mary’s best friend, Violet, a girl who’s never seen her sister before, and the sorceress’s daughter, Vex.

She’s a sorceressed woman in the middle of a witch hunt.

And that’s what the title is about.

She wants to return to her old world and become a witch, and this time, it’s a new world with a different name.

But there’s something else at stake, too: Vex has a secret, a dark secret, which she wants to keep from her family.

The novel, which is a collection of short stories, follows the story of Mary’s quest to reclaim her magic.

In “Sugar” and “Cured,” Anderson tells the story from the perspective of Mary, who’s just returned from a long journey that she calls the Curse of the Silver Rose.

But when Mary meets Vex, she’s confronted by the new reality that her spell and Vex’s magic is linked.

Her friends and family are coming to try to take away her magic, and she has to figure things out.

And as Mary learns more about the world, the book takes a turn toward the supernatural, as well.

Anderson said in a press release, “There is no magic in this world.

You cannot make it by magic, or by blood, or any of those things.

There is a supernatural element to everything that happens in the world and the story is told through the lens of the sorcerer.

It has to do a lot with the supernatural and the supernatural is what the book is all about.

And Vex is just one of the people who comes to the book in search of magic.

The other characters, Vax, Vivenna, and Vore, are all witches.

They all have their own unique gifts.

They are all very mysterious.

But it’s all about Vex and her desire to get revenge on the people of her world.”

Here’s the trailer for the book:The novel is being published by Penguin Random House, which has a large imprint on “Cure,” including the “CURT” series.

“SUGRAE” is currently available in paperback, and Anderson has said that the first volume is scheduled for release this fall.