Apple is introducing a new 10.6-inch iPad Pro tablet with an aluminum unibody design that the company says is just as durable as the older model.

The iPad pro is the first iPad to be available in a glass unibox that has been designed to resist fingerprints and scratch marks.

It also includes a 5-megapixel camera for video chats and a dual-core processor for multitasking and photos.

The 10.7-inch model has a curved glass front that makes it slightly slimmer than the iPad pro and is powered by an Apple A10X chip.

It comes in a 12.9-millimeter model that costs $1,499 and will launch later this year for $1 and up.

We’ve seen some previous models from Apple that include glass front panels.

This model also comes with a fingerprint sensor for faster recognition of your finger.

The glass panel is a new approach for the iPad Pro that makes the display more durable.

It’s a much more premium look than the previous versions.

The back of the iPad display is made from glass that resists fingerprints and scratches and will not break in to dust or water.

It can withstand up to 12 hours of normal use, according to Apple.

It features a 13-megabyte memory chip with a 3,200-rpm speed.

It has an 8-megabit Wi-Fi connection.