Black Friday weekend sales of the iPad hit their highest levels ever, and sales of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 smartphone surged nearly 40 percent, according to data from Chinese consumer research firm Netease.

In China, sales of tablets were up 15 percent and the sale of Samsung phones jumped nearly 30 percent.

The biggest sales spikes came from Apple and Samsung, which together accounted for more than $1.5 trillion in sales in China during the holiday shopping season, according a Bloomberg report.

The U.S. tech giants had been the biggest sellers of tablets in China for months, while Lenovo’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 sold just under 3 million units in the country in November.

Netease, which provides the data, said sales of iPads in China were up 30 percent compared to November.

Sales of Android tablets, including the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, rose 24 percent in the second quarter, Neteaser said.

The number of Android devices sold in China rose by 3.7 percent in November compared to a year earlier, NetEase said.

The Chinese market for Android tablets grew by a staggering 10.2 percent last year.

“China’s smartphone market was in a big decline in the past two years, but it has come back and it is a very profitable market,” said David Li, chief executive officer of Neteasure.

“The market is going to be big again this year, and we believe this is going do it.”

China’s growing smartphone market has been growing fast in recent years, propelled by the country’s rapid economic growth and a booming middle class.

The growth has created demand for devices that offer quick access to mobile data and to services, and for cheap smartphones that can run popular apps and games.

But while smartphones have made up most of China’s smartphone sales, the market has become increasingly fragmented and fragmented across regions and devices.

Chinese smartphone manufacturers are trying to address this fragmentation by licensing the hardware and services to local brands, which can sell phones in their own regions.

China is home to more than 100 million smartphone users, and more than 2.6 million smartphone companies, according the Internet Technology and Innovation Commission of China, which sets the countrys smartphone regulations.

The vast majority of smartphone users in China are in the cities and small towns, and there are growing numbers of smartphone buyers in urban areas.

In October, Samsung sold more than 3.3 million Galaxy Note 6 smartphones, up more than 40 percent from a year ago, according in the company’s latest quarterly report.

Last year, the company sold 1.5 million Galaxy S6 smartphones.