Updated February 07, 2019 08:54:13 The Best Buy tablet mount for the pool can still be used as a pool tablet.

In an update to its own product guide, the company announced that the tablet mount is now a tablet mount that can be used for tablets, laptop, and desktop computers.

The tablet mount allows users to mount the device in a standard-size pocket for use as a tablet or as a stand-alone device that can also be used to hold other devices such as a computer.

The new tablet mount also supports a second USB Type-C port on the backside.

This makes it possible to connect a tablet to a USB Type C port and then use the tablet as a standalone device.

The company also introduced a new docking station that allows users the ability to connect up to four tablet mounts to a single dock.

“This new product line is designed to bring new options to consumers,” Best Buy Product Manager Josh Hulsey said in a statement.

“With this new product, we are delivering innovative, powerful devices for our customers to use with the ease of using a tablet.

We are excited to share the new tablet mounts and the new docking stations that are compatible with them.”

Best Buy is rolling out the new tablets and docking stations this week.

The tablets will be available for pre-order starting on February 21, and they’ll go on sale at Best Buy stores starting on March 8.