Microsoft is rolling out an Android tablet that will be a lot more powerful than the Surface Pro 3 in terms of computing capabilities and will be able to handle the vast majority of cleaning tasks.

Microsoft will be making the tablet available to retailers starting in the next few weeks, and will sell it through its own online marketplace.

The tablet will run the latest version of the Android operating system and have a powerful processor, but will not be as powerful as the Surface Pros.

It will be available in either 32GB or 64GB options.

The 32GB model is the one Microsoft will sell.

Microsoft is rolling its Surface Pro line out to retailers, with a price point of $799 for the 32GB version and $799 and up for the 64GB model.

Microsoft will also sell a 128GB model, which will be $999 and up.

Microsoft has said that the Surface pro will be an all-in-one cleaning device that will work with any standard dishwasher.

The device will have a single USB port for charging and an HDMI port for watching movies, but Microsoft will not allow customers to connect to the device via an HDMI connection.

The company will also not allow the device to be used as a standalone device for cleaning or sanitizing surfaces.

Microsoft also said that customers who buy a Surface Pro will be offered the option to upgrade to the tablet at no additional cost, as long as they buy a second Surface Pro for the same price.

Microsoft is also giving the Surface tablets to retailers to test and then offer to customers.

Microsoft does not have a retail distribution network for its Surface tablets, which means that customers will be limited to one location for testing and one location to sell them.

Microsoft has said it will eventually be able make Surface tablets available through third-party retailers.

Microsoft said it expects to launch a retail store for the Surface tablet in late 2018.