On the surface, the Surface Pro 3 was a solid tablet.

But the Surface Mini 4, which has a larger screen, has an edge in the tablet market, and a price tag that’s $1.7K less than the Surface 3.

Microsoft is betting on a new tablet that it hopes will undercut the Surface mini.

Microsoft, the maker of the Surface devices, has been testing a new Surface Mini tablet with a 3-inch display, and it’s hoping to launch it later this year.

The new Surface mini will be based on Intel’s Atom X5-Z7700, a chip based on a quad-core Atom chip.

The company also has been making chips based on its Atom processor.

The Surface mini is Microsoft’s first tablet to feature a processor with multiple cores.

In addition to Intel’s X5 processor, the mini will also have ARM Mali-400 GPUs, according to a source familiar with the matter.

The source also noted that the new mini will run Microsoft’s Surface OS.

The upcoming Surface Mini will use the Surface’s new tablet dock, which Microsoft has described as the most advanced dock on a tablet.

The dock lets you quickly and easily access apps and shortcuts on a touchscreen.

The docks, however, are not included in the Surface line of tablets.

Microsoft also announced a Surface Pro line with an Intel Core i5 processor and a 1TB hard drive, as well as a 4K display.

The tablet is expected to launch later this fall, but the company has not revealed pricing or launch dates.

The Atom X7560, which is also based on the X5, is Intel’s latest chip with a quad core processor.

This processor is the same chip that Intel used in the Atom line of Atom tablets.

The X7530, which uses the Intel Atom X7-Z9780, is based on an ARM Cortex-A15 quad core chip.

Both chips have higher performance than Intel’s current Atom chips.

Both of these chips will be supported by a new Intel Core processor that can support up to four cores.

The Windows RT tablets and the Surface tablets are powered by Intel’s Core i3 processors.

The Intel Atom line is currently supported by Windows RT devices like the Dell XPS 13, the Lenovo ThinkPad T410 and the Lenovo IdeaPad Y50.

Microsoft has been aggressively pushing Windows RT for the past year.

In February, Microsoft announced the Surface RT tablets will ship in late July, and Microsoft is now working to get a Surface RT-based PC available this year, possibly later this month.

It is not clear when Windows RT will arrive, but a source with knowledge of the matter told The Verge that the Windows RT release date will likely be September, which means Microsoft will likely unveil its new Surface RT tablet and Surface RT accessories at CES next month.

Microsoft plans to release its Surface RT devices in late 2019.

The official Surface RT launch date is not yet known.

The next-generation Surface is expected in late 2018, according the source.