This week, Samsung introduced the Samsung Smart Battery, which is an all-in-one tablet that uses the company’s battery technology to power the device.

The tablet has a water and dust resistant screen and a built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth adapter for charging.

The Smart Battery will be available in select countries in the next few weeks, and Samsung is also releasing a new smartphone version of the Smart Battery.

The Samsung Smart battery is a smart battery, but it is not meant to replace a laptop or desktop computer.

Instead, it is meant to power devices that can be used as a backup, or as a place to charge and charge multiple devices simultaneously.

For instance, you can use the Smart battery to charge a smartphone and a tablet while you’re working, or to charge your computer at home.

The Samsung Smart batteries can also be used to power home appliances, as well as to charge portable cameras, which can also use the battery.

Samsung is targeting the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, Galaxy Tab S4, and Galaxy Tab 10.1 as its first tablet to sell in North America.

It is also targeting the tablet market in the Asia Pacific region, including China, Japan, and South Korea.

While Samsung is targeting a tablet market share of 10% or higher in North American, the company is also aiming for a 10% market share in the South Pacific region.

That’s because of the South Korean government’s ban on selling smartphones in the country.

Samsung is currently the only smartphone maker in South Korea, but there are other manufacturers making devices like the Galaxy Tab 7.1, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, and the Samsung Note 10.

In a recent interview with The Wall Street Journal, Samsung’s chief executive officer JK Shin stated that Samsung is not looking to change the way people use their smartphones, and that the company has a clear goal of making devices that people want to buy.

“We’re making the right decisions,” Shin said.

“Our goal is to provide the best possible experience for our customers.

We believe we have a great product and we want to make the best product for our users.”

According to the Wall Street Review, Samsung is looking to sell about 50 million units of the Samsung Tablet Pro.

It will be launching in China, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Italy, as it currently does in the U.S.

Samsung’s tablet strategy has shifted recently, as the company recently announced a new partnership with China’s Huawei, which will allow Samsung to sell tablets that can work as a standalone device or as an add-on to other Samsung smartphones.

The partnership allows Samsung to use its brand as a “soft touch” for a new Chinese market.

Samsung has also been working with the Chinese mobile phone company Huawei to build a phone that will work as an Android smartphone.

The phone will use Samsung’s Smart Battery technology.

The company is currently looking at developing the Smart Phone for the Chinese market, which could also use a tablet-like design, as opposed to a phone-like interface.