The iPad is a popular iPad with a loyal user base.

The tablet has long been a standout device for Apple, and in 2017, its success continued as sales of the tablet soared.

But while the iPad has a loyal fan base, many tablets have struggled to capture the same level of success.

That’s because many tablet makers are struggling to deliver a tablet that delivers a premium experience.

This article explains how to make your own iPad, and how to get your hands on a Samsung tablet that can be customized to your needs.

Read more about tablet makers, including the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10, Tab S 10, and Tab S 11, and the Google Pixel 2.

The following iPad tablets are available on the Samsung website:Samsung Galaxy TabPro 10 (2018)Samsung Galaxy Note 10 (2017)Samsung Chromebook 13 (2017, 2018)Samsung Note Pro (2018, 2019)Samsung Series 10 (2015, 2016)Samsung Krait 15 (2016)Samsung Pixel C (2016, 2017)Samsung M9 (2016–2018)Apple iPad Mini 2 (2018-2019)Apple MacBook Pro (2017–2018, 2018-2019, 2020)Apple iPhone 7 Plus (2018 and 2019)Microsoft Surface Book (2017-2019), Microsoft Surface Pro 3 (2018), Microsoft XPS 13 (2018–2019)Google Pixel 2 (2017), Google Pixel XL (2017)—Apple iPad Pro (2019, 2021)Samsung Nexus 10 (2016-2019-2022)Google Nexus 11 (2016), Google Nexus 6 (2017.5), Google Chromebook 14 (2017 and 2018)Microsoft Lumia 950 (2018); Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (2018)—Apple MacBook (2017).