How to set up a Google Home app to work with Amazon tablets?

With the launch of Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet, Google has added a tablet-only app to the Home app.

The new Amazon app, called Amazon App Manager, is a cross-platform way to integrate your Amazon app into Google Home.

But Google has also made it easy to add the Amazon app to any Google Home connected devices.

Here’s how.

What you need to know about Amazon App Management How to get started Adding an Amazon app To install Amazon App Managers on Google Home, go to the Google Home home page, and select the Amazon App Store.

Under “Devices” in the Home, click the “Add” button.

This opens a new screen with the following options: Select an existing Amazon device (you can’t select the same device twice in this window).

Click the Add button.

Enter a device name.

Enter the Amazon address or IP address of the device.

Click Add.

Add the Amazon tablet app to your Home channel.

Once you’ve added the Amazon Amazon app in your channel, the device’s status will show the following information: Status as Amazon App: App Manager for Amazon devices, including Amazon tablets and smart TVs.