Microsoft is rolling out a tablet with a keyboard and stylus to the masses in the second half of 2016.

The tablet will launch at a price of $299.99, Microsoft said Monday in a blog post.

It will feature a 7-inch screen with a resolution of 2048×1536 pixels.

It’ll also come with a stylus and an Xbox One controller, which will let gamers customize their tablet in the same way as an Xbox 360 controller.

The device will be available in “several different configurations” based on how you want to use it, Microsoft wrote.

It can be used as a full-size tablet, as a laptop or a tablet on its own.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 will launch on October 23.

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 and Surface Pro 5 were both unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last month, but Microsoft has yet to announce pricing for either.

The company said Monday that the Surface Pro tablet is slated to ship in November, although it didn’t say exactly when that would be.

Microsoft said that it’s working with “severial partners” to bring the Surface to market, but it’s unclear if the company will be selling the device directly or through its online store.

Microsoft has also not revealed pricing for the Surface Pen, which Microsoft says will launch with the tablet.

Microsoft said in its blog post that the pen will be offered in two different configurations: a pen with a pen stylus or a pen pen with the same size stylus.

The company will also offer the Surface Keyboard accessory, which is intended for use with a tablet and is designed to be used with a Surface Pro or Surface Pro 6.

Microsoft also said it will release the Surface Book, which it describes as a “digital tablet.”

The company plans to sell the device in the third quarter of 2016 and will release a list of partners later this year.