A new report claims that Samsung, Alcatel, and other tech companies have been struggling to find a solution to the battery issues plaguing their devices, but that’s only going to get worse as the years go on.

The report, penned by the UK-based group The Battery Underground, claims that the battery problems plaguing some of the most popular tablet brands, like Samsung and Apple, are due to a combination of hardware, software, and firmware issues.

It’s unclear what these issues are, but the battery woes could be due to the hardware failing or the software causing battery problems.

The Battery Underground’s report comes on the heels of a report from CNET that claimed the battery of some Samsung tablets is significantly lower than what they claim to be.

The battery problems in the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 11.6 is “so bad, some Samsung devices have battery life that is barely noticeable,” according to the report.

The report says that the “performance of the battery is worse than some other devices that I’ve tested.”

“Samsung’s battery is notoriously bad.

But the company has consistently promised improvements and that the problem is due to poor battery design.”

The report also says that “the problems aren’t limited to Samsung tablets.

Other devices with similarly bad batteries also have problems.”

The Battery Union’s Matt Wood said in a statement to TechRadar that Samsung’s problem with the battery isn’t just a “faulty battery design” problem.

“The problems are not limited to the Galaxy Tab.

Other Samsung tablets with similarly poor batteries also also have issues.”

He added that Samsung is “doing everything they can to get it fixed.”

“We are looking into all of the possible causes of this battery problem and we are confident that they will soon have a fix for it.”