E-reader users have long had a choice of cheaper tablet options.

But now Benadrys tablets, which cost $249 (£195) or $399 (£499), offer better readings than ereaders.

The company says the Benadries are designed to be the best-selling tablets in the world, with more than 5.5 million sold in just three years.

“They’re the most powerful tablets available anywhere, so that means they’re going to be able to deliver the best reading experience,” said John Kavanagh, chief executive of Benadriys, which is based in Germany.

But while the tablets are better than eReaders and have higher resolution screens, the company also says they offer the same amount of power as a Kindle Fire.

The Benadricys were designed to offer the most power and speed, so users can still browse the internet and use other apps and games.

In an interview with Reuters, Kavanaugh said the Benads are designed for “a long term, full-day use”.

But he said the company could sell more of them as tablets over time, with the first to be launched next year.

“The best thing we can do for the next few years is to make sure that the batteries last a long time,” he said.

Benadreyls tablets are not the only e-reader to offer a cheaper price tag.

A $129 Kindle Fire tablet from Amazon sold out of stock in just four hours, and a $99 Amazon Kindle Paperwhite sold out in just eight hours.