Here’s an explanation from the RTE Digital team.

The iPad mini is a little less well-known than the iPhone 7, but it has a very strong appeal to users.

Apple’s tablet has a sleek design, and it looks really good.

However, its battery life is not what you’d expect from an iPad mini.

Apple has recently announced a new tablet that uses a new battery that can last a lot longer than the current iPad.

This means the tablet can last for more hours of browsing, chatting and reading than it did on the original iPad.

That’s a huge win for the iPad mini as it has the potential to revolutionise the way we use our devices.

We recently asked Apple to confirm that the iPad Mini battery lasts longer than previous iPad models, and the company has confirmed that it has done so.

According to the Rte Digital team, the new battery has a capacity of 8 hours.

This is much longer than most previous iPad batteries.

The new battery in the iPad is a much longer one.

According for the RtE team, it can last 9 hours of battery life.

This, along with a new, smaller form factor, means that the battery lasts for longer than many of its competitors.

The battery lasts the same as the current battery of the iPad 7, the iPad 4 and the iPad 2.

The battery is made up of a single-cell battery with a capacity range of 8.7 to 12.1 hours.

The batteries can also charge in a range of up to 90% to 200% of capacity.

That means that a battery charge can last up to 2.5 hours on the tablet, which is a lot of time to spend charging.

Apple hasn’t announced the maximum capacity of the battery, but we would expect the battery to be more than a full charge.

Apple is also using its new batteries to improve the performance of the tablet.

The new battery can reduce the battery charge time by up to half.

The tablet also now uses a much larger lithium ion battery pack than before.

Apple also confirmed that the tablet is thinner and lighter.

The RtI team said that the new iPad has a more compact form factor that is easier to grip.

The iPad mini has a much thinner design than its predecessor.

The tablet’s battery life has improved in the past, but RtTe has also been keeping an eye on the battery life of its tablets.

In recent weeks, we’ve seen some reports of users reporting their devices to be significantly shorter than they should be.

This has been happening for a number of devices, including the new iPhone 7 and the newer iPad mini with its larger battery.

It seems that Apple is aware of the problems with battery life on some of its devices.

Apple is working on a solution to this problem and it could see an improvement on its tablet battery life in the next couple of months.

Apple has previously confirmed that its iPad mini battery will last for over 2.6 years, which seems very long.

However we haven’t seen a timeframe for when this new battery will reach the same level of longevity as the iPad.

It is also unclear whether this new model will offer an upgrade to its existing iPad mini models.

The company is working hard to increase the battery capacity of its existing tablets, but the company is likely to wait until there is a clear breakthrough in battery technology before this can happen.