If you have a prescription for prednisone tablets or any other type of antibiotic, don’t let it sit unused for too long.

They can be harmful to your health, especially if you take them for extended periods of time.

In addition, they can be an irritant to your skin and eyes.

This is why it’s important to dispose of them as soon as possible, and avoid storing them in the fridge.

A study conducted by the Israel Science and Technology Ministry showed that people who stored the medications in the refrigerator had lower levels of allergic reactions and were more likely to have a good work-related life.

In other words, they’re just as good at protecting us from harm as the ones that are in the medicine cabinet. 

To make matters worse, prednisones can also cause some serious side effects.

The researchers found that people taking prednisole tablets for more than a year experienced significant eye irritation and skin irritation.

In some cases, they even developed severe skin problems, according to the Hebrew news site The Times of Israel. 

According to the Israel Society for Dermatology and Skin Diseases, predsone is a steroid.

It’s not a drug, so it’s not known if it will cause skin irritation, eye irritation, or even damage the eyes.

However, it’s still a good idea to get the medication out of the refrigerator as soon after use as possible.

You can find out more about how to dispose your prednisols on the Israel Health Ministry’s website.

Top image: A patient takes a predniso tablet during an outpatient dermatology appointment in Israel.

(AP Photo/Ronen Zvulun)